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Roars, meows, purrs, and motorboating from the puma's den!

12 August
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Just a guy finding his way in the world... I'm lover and a fighter, a warrior-poet... an enigma wrapped in mystery...

acting, adult swim, affection, animal art, anime, anthros, bailey mannix, battle royale, being a smart ass, big cats, bjj, black butler, boxing, brazilian jiu-jitsu, breaking bones, caffeine, calling my persona, camping, candy, canines, cats, chocolate, cougars, cuddling, cute things, dancing, deathnote, dog collars, dogs, dropkick murphys, family guy, fedor emelianenko, felines, fighting, filming, fitness, football, fortune telling, friendship, full metal alchemist, furries, furry art, fursuits, gambling, genki sudo, georges st. pierre, graphic novels, grappling, green day, hugs, humor, huskies, indy films, ink, japan, japanese culture, jiu-jitsu, josh barnett, k9's, karma, kickboxing, kimura, kittens, lions, literature, making people tap, martial arts, massages, mata leao, midwest furfest, misfits, mixed martial arts, mma, modeling, monty python, movies, muay thai, music, musicals, mythology, nature, nuzzling, obsessing, op ivy, outdoors, pain, panthers, paper cranes, paranormal, parapsychology, performing, persona 3, persona 4, philosophizing, philosophy, phoenix wright, photography, piercings, playstation2, plushies, poker, pride fc, psychology, pumas, punk, puppies, purring, quentin tarantino, rancid, reading, reel big fish, roller coasters, rugby, sarcasm, sci-fi, shapeshifting, shopping, snuggling, spikes, sports, supernatural, sushi, swords, tails, tarot, tattoos, the lion king, theater, thinking, training, transformation, traveling, triangle chokes, ufc, ultimate (frisbee), unicorns, video games, weight lifting, werewolves, wolves, wrestling, writing